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Sally displays a Bos Park Droughtmaster bull at the Brisbane Ekka.

Matt Bekker manager of research at the University of Adelaide South Australia

Matt holds a Masters degree in Agriculture and is a registered Professional Animal Scientist with the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. Matt grew up on a small stud dairy farm in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia.

His practical farming experience has included roles as head stockman on an extensive cattle enterprise and feedlot management roles across Australia.

He has spent several years managing the research farm for the University of Adelaide. Matt is currently the Queensland Regional Manager and the National Beef/Sheep specialist for Novus Nutrition who have specialty products across the entire animal production chain. This involvement guarantees Bos Park is able to evaluate every new development in animal agriculture.


Sally has an Agricultural Science degree from Adelaide University and an Associate Diploma in Teaching.  Sally also grew up in rural South Australia. Sally has taught as Head of Department at some of the most highly regarded agricultural schools in Australia and served several years as the president of the Agricultural Teachers Association. Sally has worked alongside Matt in cattle feedlot management roles and is the principal that spends most time managing day to day livestock as Matt journeys around the globe. Sally teaches senior sciences at the local senior school part time, enjoys horse and stock work (although a little more dressage and a little less mustering would please her) and is working hard to further develop the stud.